Hello there. StormX here.

Earn Crypto while you shop at your favorite stores with the award-winning Crypto Cash Back App that took the internet by Storm.

Hello there. StormX here.
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Up to 87.5% Crypto Cash Back. Holy moly!
StormX - Earn crypto while you shop at your favorite stores | Product Hunt

Up to 87.5% Crypto Cash Back. Holy moly!

Wait what? Yep, that's right our rewards are not only the highest in town but we also make it super easy for you to shop, get paid, and cash-out. All you have to do is download StormX, line your pockets with shiny Crypto, then show your friends you're better at the internet than they are.

How it works

We combined the magical powers of the internet and sprinkled some blockchain fairy dust to create every crypto lover's dream—Crypto Cash Back. You too can now be a part of our very special crew. Shop, earn and help us spread the word— because the bigger the community, the bigger the rewards!


Download the StormX mobile app or Chrome Button.


Visit one of our 750 plus online stores, activate the reward, checkout like you usually do.


Crypto Cash Back between 0.5% and over 87.5%, depending on your StormX Reward Membership level.

Go Crypto?

Right now, once you've earned $10 or more you can withdraw to whatever your wallet.

Buy stuff,
get paid.

StormX is live all over the world with 700+ stores available. We’re adding new stores every day but here are just a few you can buy from right now and get Crypto Cash Back.

No one’s reinventing the ham sandwich

Redistribution is not a revolutionary idea, we just do it a little differently than everyone else, which is also the reason we're able to pay such high Crypto Cash Back rewards. “But how?” we can hear you think. Glad you asked! Our business model isn't based just on charging retailers, but rather mass adoption of our STMX token and cryptocurrency as a whole. That's why when retailers pay us, we only take a small fee and give the rest back to our community, everyone wins.

STMX tokens are the gift that keeps on giving.

Our STMX tokens are the engine that drives our unique model. We're adding more exchanges all the time, but here's where you can get your hands on some tokens right now:

International Non-US

Fresh crypto served here.

Six different flavors will satisfy all your crypto cravings. Once you've earned a minimum of $10 in Crypto Cash Back rewards you can just enter your wallet address and transfer your Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), StormX (STMX), Litecoin (LTC), Dai (DAI) or yearn.finance (YFI).

Our STMX token.

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10 Billion

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Our Partners

We wouldn't be here without our business partners and the communities that support them.

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