Say hello to the StormX Chrome Button.

Earning crypto while you shop has never been easier.

StormX (Chrome Extension) (29 reviews)
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  • BUHO (5%)
  • eBay (6%)
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Buy stuff,
get paid.

StormX is live all over the world with 1,000+ stores available. We’re adding new stores every day but here are just a few you can buy from right now and get Crypto Cash Back.

So how does this magical button actually work?

1st - Get the button

Download the Chrome Button and then pin it to your toolbar to make sure it’s active.

2nd - Shop

Go to over 1,000+ online stores, activate the reward, checkout like you normally do.

3rd - Get Rewarded

Earn Crypto Cash Back between 0.5% and 85%, depending on your StormX Reward Membership level.

4th - Upgrade Your Account

Download the mobile app (optional), upgrade your account for free by connecting a wallet, check out your new rewards balance.

Savvy pig 2x

Savvy shoppers wanted.

What’s better than Crypto Cash Back? How about up to 85% more Crypto Cash Back? “It can’t be true,” you shout and pound your fist on the coffee table. “But it is”, we say with pride.

All you have to do is download and install our shiny new Chrome Button, connect your wallet and upgrade (for free!) to the Purple Reward membership level. And this is where things get interesting, you shop at one of our 1,000+ online stores and start levelling up, the higher you go the more you earn.

Wanna level up even faster? You can buy some STMX tokens to get to the next level right now.

Fresh crypto served here.

Six different flavors will satisfy all your crypto cravings. Once you've earned a minimum of $10 in Crypto Cash Back rewards you can just enter your wallet address and transfer your Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), StormX (STMX), Litecoin (LTC), Dai (DAI) or (YFI).

Download the magical Chrome Button and start shopping. Do it. Did you do it yet?

StormX (Chrome Extension)