Earn up to 3.5x more Crypto Cashback as a Rewards Member

Supercharge your Crypto Cashback simply by storing STMX in a connected wallet.

Earn up to 3.5x more Crypto Cashback as a Rewards Member

So how does it work?

It's as simple as holding STMX tokens in your connected wallet. This unlocks the potential of your StormX account and gives you access to higher tier memberships. Each membership level bestows upon you the power of increased rewards and swifter payout times. Magical, right?

It’s time to level up.

Bronze reward benefits

3,000 STMX to unlock


more cashback rewards

Silver reward benefits

31,000 STMX to unlock


more cashback rewards

Gold reward benefits

310,000 STMX to unlock


more cashback rewards



reward time reduction

Platinum reward benefits

3,100,000 STMX to unlock


more cashback rewards



reward time reduction

Diamond reward benefits

6,200,000 STMX to unlock


more cashback rewards



reward time reduction

How much can I earn?

So, for example, Simon places an order of $150 at shop that offers 6% Crypto Cashback. The table below shows the amount he would be rewarded depending on his membership level.

Membership level Bonus rewards Reward
Purple 1x $9.00
Bronze 1.25x $11.25
Silver 1.5x $13.50
Gold 2x $18.00
Platinum 2.5x $22.50
Diamond 3.5x $31.50

Become a Rewards Member

It only takes a few minutes to become a rewards member, and supercharge your Crypto Cashback.

Step 1

Open your StormX app, select Rewards in the navigation bar, then select "Join now for free".

Step 2

Next, you will need to create a new wallet, or connect an existing applicable wallet.

Step 3

Done! You can now see your new benefits and upgrade instantly to earn increased rewards.

Ready to become a Rewards Member?

Purchase STMX tokens to get started.

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Supercharge your rewards today.