Share your referral link with friends and family to earn 10% of their shopping and staking base rewards.

StormX Referrals

How it works


Log-in or Register

Navigate to the Referral page to access your unique referral link.


Share your referral link

Track the performance & total earnings from within your account.


Earn 10% on all purchases

Once your friends activate their account with your link, you’ll receive rewards equal to 10% of their staking and shopping base rewards.

How much referral rewards will I get?

There is no limit to how much Crypto Cashback you can earn, or how much you can earn from referrals.

Friend A spends


at Expedia and earns


Friend B spends


at Foot Locker and earns


Friend C stakes


and earns


($300 + $120 + $750) x 10% = $117

You earned 10% of your friend's shopping and staking base rewards.

*The above shows an estimate for illustrating how the referral rewards are calculated. Actual amount of rewards varies if purchases are unverified, cancelled, returned or incomplete.

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