Sharing is caring, right? Share your referral link with friends and family to earn 10% of their shopping and staking base rewards. With 1,000's of brands online across gifts, groceries, flights, and hotels, there’s something for everyone. Share, refer, earn.


How it works

You don’t just earn your rewards but you also earn on what your referrals earn for as long as they’re using the StormX app or staking.

Log-in or Register

Log in to your account and navigate to the Referral page to access your unique referral link.

Share your referral link

Share it with your friends, they install the app and sign up via your link. Track the performance & total earnings from within your account.

Earn 10% on all purchases

Once your friends activate their account with your referral link, you’ll receive rewards equal to 10% of their staking and shopping base rewards.

How much referral rewards will I get?

There is no limit to how much Crypto Cashback you can earn, or how much you can earn from referrals.

Friend A

Friend A spends


at Expedia
and earns


Friend B

Friend B spends


at Foot Locker
and earns


Friend C

Friend C stakes


and earns


Per Annum

You earned 10% of your friend's shopping and staking *base rewards

($300 + $120 + $750) x 10%

= $117

The above shows an estimate for illustrating how the referral rewards are calculated. Actual amount of rewards varies if purchases are unverified, cancelled, returned or incomplete.

Frequently asked questions

What is “shop to earn”?

Unlike other crypto initiatives, such as exchanges where you invest your fiat money, or Play-to-earn where you are rewarded for playing games, Shop-to-earn is a web3 approach that enables you to earn crypto simply by shopping

How do I earn Crypto?

There are not one but four ways to earn crypto with StormX. 1. Crypto Cashback, 2. Membership bonuses, 3. Staking, and now 4. Referrals.

I got invited, what now?

Click on your friend's referral link, install the app and register. Start shopping as usual to earn Crypto Cashback. After the purchase return period, Crypto Cashback will be added to your account. You can also refer other friends to start earning referral rewards as well!

Why should I refer StormX to my friends?

You can earn 10% of your friend's shopping and staking base rewards. And your friends can start earning Crypto Cashback and staking rewards with StormX. Win-win!

I earned $50 referral rewards, what now?

Head to the Rewards tab in the app and click 'withdraw', you can withdraw the referral rewards in STMX or ATH.

What is a base reward?

A users base reward excludes any membership bonus added to their rewards total.

What are memberships?

Memberships enable you to earn more Crypto Cashback everytime you shop with StormX. To learn more, visit our memberships page

How do I refer a friend?

It’s super easy.

  1. To get started, tap the “User icon” in the top right of your app or extension. Then find, “Referrals”, the second option in the More from StormX section.
  2. Tap that and now you should be on our Refer a Friend page. From there, it’s simple tap the big button labelled “Share Referral Link”.
  3. You can then copy the link or share that directly in any of your favourite apps to share with your friends.
  4. When your friend successfully places an order via the app or extension you will earn 10% of their base reward.

When will I receive the referral rewards?

For every eligible referral, you will receive 10% of your friend’s staking each week and shopping base rewards once your friend’s return period has ended (usually 90+ days after their purchase).

Can anything stop me getting my reward?

Your friends must have successfully used your referral link to register and create a new account. You will not receive referral rewards if they are existing members of StormX.

If your friends create new accounts and they forget to use your referral link, they can add your referral link on the Referral page within the app within 7 days. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for referral rewards.

Need more help - contact us

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