Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Dann Ball
Dann BallAug 31, 2022
Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Ah, coffee. We probably all know a latte lover or a Cortado-drinking co-worker. You might even have someone in your life who can’t function without coffee; who has to have a sip before they can talk to anyone or do anything. But buying gifts for those who bow to espresso or get jittery without their 4 pm cup can be a challenge.

Luckily, we’re here with our best gifts for coffee lovers and the coffee-obsessed (sorry, passionate). Discover our top picks below. And don’t forget – each gift earns you Crypto Cashback. Who needs caffeine with a pick-me-up like that?

Coffee Mugs and Cups

Between 3-8% Crypto Cashback

Swamped Ground Bundle, Death Wish

The mug. Apart from the coffee itself, a mug is arguably a coffee lover’s favorite item – and something that takes pride of place in their kitchen (if not their entire home). So, how about getting them one they’ll love, like the Swamped Ground Bundle from Death Wish ($50)?

Made for monstrous mornings, this bundle features a ceramic mug with your own swamp monster sipping on his brew. And, of course, a mug is no use without its precious cargo. Good thing, then, that Death Wish has included a bag of Medium Roast in their bundle, aka the world’s strongest coffee. Let’s see if your brew lover can handle it.

Ember 14 oz Temperature Control Smart Mug2, Costco

Have you ever made the perfect cup of coffee only to be distracted and find it’s turned ice cold? Never have that problem again with the Ember 14 oz Temperature Control Smart Mug2 from Costco ($119.99).

This does more than just keep your coffee hot. This smart mug means you can set a precise drinking temperature (120°F – 145°F) and saviour your coffee from the first sip to the final drop.

And, if you ‌get distracted, the Ember Mug² maintains your chosen drinking temperature for up to 80 minutes with the built-in battery. Want it to stay hot all day? The included charging coaster has that covered. You can even control the temperature remotely from your smartphone…if you can bear being away from your coffee for too long, that is.

Set of 2 Espresso Cups – illy Art Collection Biennale 2022, illy

If you want to gift them espresso cups, get them something special with the Set of 2 Espresso Cups – illy Art Collection Biennale 2022 from illy ($90). This gift set celebrates 30 years of illy Art Collectiona.

Each one is created by artists selected by Cecilia Alemani, illy’s curator. Choose from the interpretations of Felipe Baeza and Cecilia Vicuña. They’ll be sipping coffee in genuine art.

Fall Owl Mug Duo with Coffee, Harry & David

With Fall just around the corner, what better way to get into the spirit than with the Fall Owl Mug Duo with Coffee from Harry & David ($34.99)? This gift set features two harvest-themed owl mugs decorated with orange maple leaves.

And, let’s not forget the coffee itself. You’ll find Harry & David’s signature whole bean caramel pecan coffee – perfect for brewing, getting cozy under a blanket, and enjoying your favorite Fall film. How about combining Harry & David with When Harry When Sally?

Coffee O’Clock Stainless Steel Travel Mug, IWOOT

Everyone knows that real coffee fans want coffee on the go. So, gift them the Coffee O’Clock Stainless Steel Travel Mug from I Want One Of Those ($11.99). It features double-wall insulation to keep their coffee of choice hot and a secure flip-lid to avoid scalding (no one needs that when you’re out and about).

It’s also made from durable stainless steel and is super compact and lightweight. It’s the sustainable choice for their daily brew – and we’re big fans.

You Got This Miir Camp Mug, Peet’s Coffee

Another of our favorite travel mugs is the You Got This Miir Camp Mug from Peet’s Coffee ($25.95). It’s ideal for drinking coffee on the go or while camping and adventuring.

This sunny camp cup features Thermo 3D™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology to keep coffee hot. There’s also a press-fit lid to avoid spilling their precious liquid. No true coffee fan can be a happy camper without one!

Coffee Makers And Pour-Over Gear

Between 1-17% Crypto Cashback

Philips 322 LatteGo Superautomatic Espresso Machine, Seattle Coffee Gear

Know a latte lover? They’ll flip over the Philips 322 LatteGo Superautomatic Espresso Machine from Seattle Coffee Gear ($799). It’s your kitchen robo-rista offering one-touch lattes on tap. And the pièce de résistance? The LatteGo: a venturi-fueled siphon system delivering piping-hot milk with no fuss or mess for you to clean.

Of course, it’s also great for other coffee choices. It has dedicated cappuccino and espresso buttons for a steaming cup of your favorite coffee at your fingertips. Set up your favorite programming for each drink and tweak your recipe to perfection with the adjustable length and strength options. Boss being a barista without leaving your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-in-1 Coffee Maker, BJ’s Wholesale Club

Stress-free coffee making doesn’t get much easier than with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-in-1 Coffee Maker from BJ’s Wholesale Club ($104). Easily choose your brew strength, utilize the programs to fit your schedule, or auto pause and serve.

It’s super easy to make single cups of different flavors for your friends or make a pot for the whole gang. You’ll wonder how you ever made coffee without it…

The Podster Bundle, Hotel Chocolat

Create barista-grade coffee without waiting in line with The Podster Bundle from Hotel Chocolat ($140). This stylish, easy-to-use coffee machine caters to all your coffee needs while adding a touch of luxury to your home. Just load it with your pod of choice, hit the button, and let that delicious smell of coffee take over your kitchen.

Drink your coffee from the machine as an espresso, add hot water for an Americano, or mix with steamed milk for a yummy cappuccino. As part of Hotel Chocolat’s bundle, The Podstar also arrives with 1 x 10 pods of The One and 1 x 10 pods of The Rocket – Hotel Chocolat’s top picks for decadent, can’t-live-without-it coffee.

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker, Seattle Coffee Gear

If you know a keen camper who freaks out at not being near a coffee maker (and can’t stand instant), buy them the AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker from Seattle Coffee Gear ($34.95). It’s a takeaway version of the original AeroPress that’s LOVED by coffee devotees for needing nothing more than ground beans and hot water to make delicious coffee.

The AeroPress Go allows you to do the same and includes a container with all the accessories you could ever need, such as:

  • 1 x folding stirrer
  • 1 x 13-gram scooper
  • 350 x filters

All you need is hot water, and you’re minutes away from a steaming fresh cup of concentrated coffee. The Go is super petite and compact for easily adding to your cabin suitcase, backpack, or camping pack.

French Press Lover Bundle, Stone Street Coffee Company

If space is tight in the kitchen, but they’re still lusting after a smooth, full-bodied cup of joe, a French Press is a fantastic brewing method. We’re loving the French Press Lover Bundle from Stone Street Coffee Company ($55).

This bundle features a Bodum 34oz French Press – elegant in style with a glass carafe, handle, and Stone Street logo on the base. It delivers the true taste of coffee without ever having to worry about burning those beans.

And what better coffee to use than Brooklyn Roast Coffee? This smooth, iconic blend is one of Stone Street Coffee Company's best-selling blends, thanks to its bold and harmonious taste. And, of course, you’ll need a vessel. That’s where the Stone Street Coffee Mug comes in.

Chemex 8 Cup Coffeemaker With P Cup, Peet’s Coffee

For the pinnacle of pour-over gear, buy them the Chemex 8 Cup Coffeemaker with P Cup from Peet’s Coffee ($49.95). This elegant, classic coffeemaker is perfect for a pure flavor experience.

Its custom-designed hourglass shape holds your filter and coffee and brews straight into the carafe to enjoy once ready. Want to save your daily grind for later? No worries – just cover your coffee, pop it in the fridge, and reheat without losing that delicious flavor. The Chemex Coffeemaker can also make eight cups of coffee at a time – ideal for when a coffee-loving collective comes round.

Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper, Seattle Coffee Gear

If your coffee fan loves their brew with intricate flavors and the perfect balance, it’s hard to find anything better than a good pour-over. So, gift them the Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper from Seattle Coffee Gear ($34.95).

This unbreakable design features Kalita’s classic ‘Wave’ filter, offering an even coffee extraction that you can control. It’ll make your single cup of morning coffee consistently flavored and beautifully balanced, thanks to its even water drainage and simple design.

Home Touches and Coffee Clothing

Between 5-17% Crypto Cashback

1pc Hand-Grinding Coffee Electronic Scales, LightInTheBox

If you’re buying for someone who wants to take their brewing to the next level, gift them the 1pc Hand-Grinding Coffee Electronic Scales from LightInTheBox ($23.99). This digital scale offers the best bean-to-water ratio for every cup.

No longer will your coffee-obsessed person have to measure their grounds with a scoop and guess how many cups of water. Instead, they can make the cup of coffee they’ve been dreaming about.

Beautiful Taste Inspirations Recipe Bundle, illy

Gift them something different with the Beautiful Taste Inspirations Recipe Bundle from illy ($65). It features a book with 70 coffee recipes from around the world, all based on the simple espresso. Read about the story of coffee, exploring different traditions and customs from across the globe.

And that’s not all. As well as the recipe book, you’ll find:

  • 1 x 12oz latte art frothing pitcher
  • 1 x 6-pack of illy logo-embossed spoons
  • 1 x illy logo mug
  • 1 x illy log cappuccino cup
  • 1 x illy logo espresso cup

Espresso Tower, Perfect Pod

We know how it is – you try to keep those espresso pods as neat as possible, but somehow they just overflow and get everywhere. Enter The Perfect Pod Espresso Tower™ ($14.99).

This can hold 20 Nespresso® Original Line® capsules in each tower, giving you access to 40 capsules at once! Color coordinate or sort by flavor. However your coffee lover organizes their coffee, the Espresso Tower will display them beautifully.

The Motivated Type But First Coffee Square Cushion, I Want One Of Those

Of course, coffee lovers won’t just want coffee gifts for the kitchen. Let them show their love for coffee throughout their home with The Motivated Type But First Coffee Square Cushion from I Want One Of Those (from $32.49).

This super soft cushion shows what’s on their mind. Choose from three different sizes, and two fabric feels: Soft-Touch or Eco-Friendly. Or buy the lot to show what really motivates them in life…

Coffee Time Wall Sticker, LightInTheBox

Only serious coffee lovers will love the Coffee Time Wall Sticker from LightInTheBox ($9.99). This removable sign is perfect for sticking on the kitchen wall above their precious coffee stash. Or, place it wherever they need a reminder that it’s time to grab another cup of joe (not that they’ll need reminding).

Pumpkin Spice Latte is Life Women’s Sweatshirt, I Want One Of Those

For some, as soon as September hits, their focus turns to one thing: the infamous pumpkin spice latte. Yes, this Starbucks creation whipped up a frenzy across the country, capturing the attention – and taste – of coffee-loving Americans everywhere.

Some say the smell triggers Autumnal associations, national nostalgia or familiar, cozy memories. Whatever the reason, there’s no better way for your favorite spiced latte lover to show their dedication than through the Pumpkin Spice Latte is Life Sweatshirt from I Want One of Those ($32.49).

Stone Street Coffee Shirt, Stone Street Coffee Company

Is your favorite coffee fan from New York? Gift them the Stone Street Coffe Shirt from Stone Street Coffee Company ($15). This super soft tee is emblazoned with Stone Street Coffee Company’s famous tagline. It’s perfect for wearing around the house, on the subway, to their favorite coffeehouse, or wherever they fancy showing their love for java.

Coffee Packs and Bundles

Between 1-15% Crypto Cashback

Coffee Break Gift Basket,

If you’re still stuck on what to get a coffee lover, you can’t go wrong with the actual substance they dream about: coffee.

We’re big fans of the Coffee Break Gift Basket from ($39.99). With this, your favorite coffee aficionado can enjoy a cup of joe whenever they want, thanks to two packets of gourmet grounds.

And what good is coffee without gourmet treats? That’s where has taken this gift set to another level. As well as one pack of Perfect Potfuls Columbian Coffee and one pack of Perfect Potfuls Hazelnut Coffee by Coffee Masters, this gift box includes:

  • Sea salt and cracked pepper kettle corn by
  • Butter peanut crunch by Hammond’s
  • Cinnamon pecan straws by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory

Brazil – Cup of Excellence®** Winner, Hayman

How about a gift box of award-winning fresh coffee from Minas Gerais, Brazil? Hayman’s Brazil – Cup of Excellence®** Winner ($60) is Fazenda Lagoa Seca, a ‌rare Brazilian coffee and one of the winning coffee lots at the 2020 Brazil Cup of Excellence®**.

This gourmet coffee is renowned for its floral, apricot and peach flavor notes. It’s also only roasted once your order is received and shipped within hours for maximum freshness.

Order this top arabica coffee in five different forms:

  • Green coffee beans – unroasted/raw coffee beans for home roasting
  • Roasted whole bean coffee
  • Roasted ground coffee
  • Nespresso® compatible pods
  • Keurig K-Cup® compatible pods

Not sure which coffee type is best for your favorite coffee lover? Give them a gift of choice with a Hayman’s coffee E-Gift Card instead.

Nitro Cold Brew Variety Pack, Rise Brewing Co.

Have a cold brew lover in your life? Gift them the Nitro Cold Brew Variety Pack from Rise Brewing Co. ($39.99). This dairy-free pack of iced coffees features Rise Brewing Co.’s top-selling flavors:

  • Original Black
  • Oat Milk Latte
  • Oat Milk Vanilla Latte
  • Mocha Latte

They’re called Nitro thanks to the nitrogen infused with the coffee. This gives each one a creamy, slightly sweet taste that’s smooth and refreshing. Alternatively, if you’re already confident in their love of cold brew, why not buy them a Rise Brewing Co. subscription? Ice coffee delivered straight to your door – what’s more perfect than that?

120 CT Barista Moments Flavors, Gourmesso

Give them the gift of variety with the 120 CT Barista Moments Flavors from Gourmesso ($43.94). This coffee pack includes six delicious Caramel, Vanilla and Chocolate pods (20 pods in total). Find out their favorite flavor and invite yourself round for a cup to see if you agree!

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