Claiming Governance Tokens

Simon Yu
Simon YuMar 21, 2022
Claiming Governance Tokens

The final governance snapshot from March 20th, 2022 is complete!

Governance tokens will be distributed based on actions performed within the StormX ecosystem. These include:

  • Earned 1 STMX via staking, you will receive 0.000127 governance tokens
  • Earned $1 via shopping on the base cashback reward, you will receive 0.416673 governance tokens
  • Casted 1 governance vote, you will receive 10.604113 governance tokens
  • Earned $1 via play, you will receive 0.091486 governance tokens for tasks completed since October 26th, 2018. Excludes surveys and video rewards.
  • Held a Stormy NFT, you will receive 1.016949 governance tokens
  • Purchased 1 ETH worth of Shrug NFTs, you will receive 28.059396 governance tokens

The more shopping trips, tasks, NFTs, and staking you’ve completed the more governance tokens you can claim.

How Do I Claim Governance Tokens?

  1. Visit from your desktop once the token is launched
  2. Connect your StormX rewards wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or WalletConnect
  3. Accept the Terms of Use by clicking the checkbox under the "Claim my tokens" button.
  4. Next press the "Claim my tokens" button.
  5. A pop-up will appear now from your wallet provider. This pop-up will show you the transaction details such as the Gas Fee and other Data. If you agree, press Confirm
  6. Now you need to wait until the transaction has been confirmed. Once confirmed another pop-up will verify that you have successfully claimed your ATH Tokens.

Athens Contract Address is 0x2F9411088cEF82Fd9fB904Eb8092f28eB485C8F6

What’s next on the governance roadmap?

Claiming governance tokens will last 21 days from launch day and will then close. We are doing this to ensure that active users of the platform are the ones who are receiving the most governance power. After 21 days the unclaimed tokens will return to the Community Supporting Projects Wallet for further support of StormX community members.

On launch day Governance token holders will be able to stake their tokens at to earn 50% p.a. So they may increase their governance power for upcoming votes.

We will have our first governance vote 21 days after launch on Snapshot, a DeFi voting platform Each governance token will count as one vote and voting proposals will be discussed in our #governance channel in our Discord as well as weekly community calls.

Upcoming proposals the community may be discussing in the near term (but not limited to):

  1. Close the STORM to STMX swap so the core team can spend more effort on building features. The vast majority of tokens are swapped and requests to swap tokens are slowing to zero.
  2. Turn on liquidity mining for governance token on Uniswap V3 pool
  3. Add Voyager (VGX) token or another token as a withdrawal currency