Governance Token Claiming Calculation Retrospective

Simon Yu
Simon YuMar 18, 2022
Governance Token Claiming Calculation Retrospective

Hello Stormers,

We’ve been excited to tell you about the final governance snapshot this Sunday and decided to give out more details regarding the weightings for claiming the tokens. Unfortunately, in our excitement we overlooked an issue in the data query which supports the weightings. The weightings we communicated in our last blog were incorrect and this is our fault (which we have since removed to avoid confusion). We will be doing a retrospective internally to determine why this happened and how we can prevent this in the future. We’ll post our findings in a future blog to ensure transparency here.

The weightings for the final snapshot will change up until the final snapshot is taken. Thus its not possible for us to actually share this information ahead of time. We will be sharing this information on Monday so everyone who is claiming the tokens knows what they should be receiving if they choose to claim.

We apologize for all of the confusion and we will be working on improving our QA and data processes to ensure this does not happen again.