Governance: Update

Simon Yu
Simon YuMar 18, 2022
Governance: Update

Hey Stormers!

We’re closing in on kicking off our governance and releasing the much-anticipated tokens, staking and voting system (name yet to be announced!).

Final Governance Snapshot is 20/03/2022! To qualify for governance tokens you must connect a Rewards Wallet to be eligible.

Governance tokens will be distributed based on actions performed within the StormX ecosystem. These include:

- Completed a shopping trip.

- Completed Play task.

- Voted on a proposal at

- Earned staking rewards.

- Holding a StormX NFT.

The more shopping trips, tasks, NFTs, and staking you’ve completed the more governance tokens you can claim. Weighting will be confirmed once the snapshot has been completed, and a total will be shown when you go to claim them.

As mentioned in our previous blogs, the addition of StormX governance is just the beginning of the long road to creating a more decentralized ecosystem. With governance tokens in place, users will be able to vote on proposals put forward by the core team. Over time, this will allow the community to further collaborate on their own projects that empower not just themselves, but their favorite Crypto Cashback provider, and its ecosystem!