International Women's Day: A few words from StormX

Dann Ball
Dann BallMar 9, 2022
International Women's Day: A few words from StormX

As a company, and a product, we strive to make earning crypto easy for all. Crypto Cashback is not only a great way to earn but also getting your foot into the world of crypto. StormX aims to empower all - those looking for some extra cash, those who want to learn and earn, and those who consider themselves crypto veterans looking for other ways of accumulating crypto.

Now, more than ever, is it most important to also empower women to take advantage of this new technology (blockchain).

This week, as we continue to celebrate International Women’s Day, we couldn’t forget about the awesome women that help us build our company and empower StormX users.

“Being somewhat of a crypto-novice myself, I completely understand the hurdles one has to overcome when learning about the digital assets industry. At school, we were taught that any reliable source of information has to come from a good old trusty paper hardback. When it comes to getting your foot in to crypto, there are very few of those resources and the learning process becomes somewhat overwhelming. For me, it was very much having ten browser tabs open in an attempt to verify all the information posted by Reddit or Discord users.” said Weronika Adkonis, Social Media and Content Lead at StormX.

“Crypto shouldn’t be hard, and depending on the use - it often isn’t. The way I see it, crypto is supposed to empower, and I truly believe that soon, the mass adoption we are all dreaming of will prevail, and women will very much be part of it. The decentralization of blockchain enables banking the ‘unbanked’, and in many cases such as play2earn games and Crypto Cashback - it is also a great way for people to earn, save, and feel financially empowered through a platform that is already familiar to them. This in turn, also serves as a great starting point to further education and financial literacy”

“I consider cryptocurrency to be a great tool, not only for investment, but also for financial literacy. Living in the Philippines, you see a great disparity between the banking cultures of the West and East. Here, crypto earning platforms are gaining great popularity with those who are looking to easily earn a little extra through completing gamified tasks or shopping online, and for many blockchain adaptation is a great way into becoming more financially literate and free. From this, we see that crypto can be extremely financially empowering to all. Especially women who still experience the pay gap and are often underrepresented.” - Sheila Herrera, Customer Care at StormX.

“Having worked in the crypto industry for a while, over the past couple of years, I’ve seen a massive uptick in the masses’ interest in digital assets. Different kinds of people are flocking to crypto for different kinds of reasons, but the reason that unites them all is the beauty of decentralization.” said Analyn Angeles, a Customer Care representative at StormX. “In a world that is driven by money, the public seeks a slice of independence that crypto can provide. With the goal of financial equality in mind, women now more than ever are seeking independence and having control of your assets as well making informed decisions about them.”

“Women represent about 49.58% of the world population. Yet, for decades we’ve seen huge disparities between male and female pay, opportunity and rights. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is disruptive, decentralized and empowering, and projects that evolve from this industry are no different. Our culture is inclusive. People from any walks of life, rich or poor, educated or not, male or female can get involved in cryptocurrency today.” - Love Castañeda, Customer Care at StormX.

“Working in the crypto space has changed my views on personal finance. Why do rich people enjoy more privileges at traditional banks such as getting on a faster queue, higher interest rate, better customer services and offerings? With crypto, the decentralized ecosystem allows us equal amounts of freedom, autonomy and privacy that were never seen before in traditional banking. So, I made it my career goal to push mass adoption and make decentralized finance part of everyone’s daily life. Having said that, the blockchain technology and jargon could still be difficult to understand, especially females who might be intimidated in the male-dominated space. That’s why at StormX, we’re making it as easy as possible for everyone to start owning and earning crypto without hassle, such that one day, spending and using crypto would be as common as using fiat today. This is the goal that we are working towards as a team.”
- Suki Cheung, Digital marketing manager at StormX.