International Women's Day: Bozena Rezab

Dann Ball
Dann BallMar 8, 2022
International Women's Day: Bozena Rezab

From innovative entrepreneurs to those educating others about the power of digital assets, women have been shaping the blockchain industry since day one.

Today, on International Women’s Day, we shed the spotlight on some of the inspiring women behind projects that continuously drive crypto forward.

Introducing Bozena Rezab, CEO and Co-Founder of GAMEE - a mobile gaming platform on a mission to recognise and reward effort skill and loyalty of its users. Having recently introduced Arc-8, a mobile gaming system which brings e-sports to everyone, the company has experienced a tremendous user growth, and massively attributed to Polygon exceeding Etherum in the number of existing wallets.

In her Token2049 presentation Why Gaming Will Bring Millions to Blockchain, Rezab explains that Arc-8 hosts skill-based gaming tournaments allowing the users to host their own play-offs and pitch their own games which can be voted on by others, potentially leading to being added to the platform. Not only does this new culture of further gamification and platforms plugging into the world of digital assets benefit the industry, it also benefits the user. With blockchain onboard, players are incentivised to make the game grow and the act of playing a game is shifting from a leisurely to a productive activity.

What was the first project that piqued your interest in blockchain?

I think this was Ethereum and the idea to build a digital future with a new mindset.

You’ve managed to have a pretty impressive career - from working in marketing, a position at Google through to now being the Co-Founder and CEO of one of the first play2earn platforms. Do you think your past professional experiences prepared you for the rapid blockchain industry?

I always worked in digital media and internet technology, building exciting consumer products with new tech. In this way, nothing really changed, only in the blockchain industry, everything is even faster.

The metaverse, play2earn, and other gamified projects in the digital assets world have seen a boost in popularity over the past couple of years. Where do you think the industry is heading next?

We have only seen the beginning of this. There will be many more digital experiences, many on the intersections of industries such as gaming x education x finance x future of work. This is the most exciting part.

Not only do Play2earn projects help people earn a little extra, but they also seem like a great beginner-friendly concept. What would you recommend to a reader who is just trying to get into the crypto space?

Games are a great way to get a grasp of some of the blockchain principles. You have seemingly the same in-game currency or game character as you had prior to the blockchain, only now you are free to take it out from the game ecosystem, it has a certain value that you can trade with others and even go beyond and create something of your own around it.

What’s the one thing about blockchain that excites you most?

Out of many, I would probably pick this one: Blockchain enables to prove ownership of digital assets, to give digital property rights, and this changes mindsets. It turns on the entrepreneurial spark in everyone involved - you own this - what can you do with it? What can you build, create? It opens up enormous opportunities and is a large creative canvas. I am very excited to see all the great projects and innovations that are about to come.

6. Lastly, what’s the one thing you’d bring to a desert island?

A book.

To learn more and stay up to date with Bozeman's work, visit her profile on Twitter.