International Women's Day - Lavinia Osbourne

Dann Ball
Dann BallMar 8, 2022
International Women's Day - Lavinia Osbourne

From innovative entrepreneurs to those educating others about the power of digital assets, women have been shaping the blockchain industry since day one.

Today, on International Women’s Day, we shed the spotlight on some of the inspiring women behind projects that continuously drive crypto forward.

Today we talk to Lavinia Osbourne, the Founder of Women in Blockchain Talks - an educational platform aiming to spread awareness of the women who are shaping the blockchain industry. From podcasts, through events to other resources, Women in Blockchain Talks empowers others through teaching financial literacy.

Osborne created the educational networking platform with one important goal in mind - to decrease the gender gap in the blockchain industry as well as the ecosystem itself.

Would you use 1-2 paragraphs to describe your background and experience in the crypto space?

“I am an established agent for change in blockchain, and an entrepreneur at the vanguard of NFT development and a futurist for the emergent metaverse. Through my work WiBT I have won and been nominated for accolades such as the National Diversity Award for Community Organisation and Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award; whilst as an individual, I was listed one of Wirex's Rising Women in Crypto 2021, a TechWomen100 winner and a 2021 LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech & Innovation.

Combining my passionate belief in blockchain’s egalitarian ideals with a commitment to utilising my knowledge, connections and entrepreneurial spirit to bring opportunity for all, I work tirelessly to break down barriers by raising underrepresented voices.”

What sparked your interest in cryptocurrency?

“I have been an entrepreneur for many years now and I used to run a financial wellbeing consultancy with a focus on empowering women with the relationship with money. In doing this, you speak to people about the past, present and future of money - blockchain is the future of money, as well as work and business, so from there I started to hear about bitcoin, blockchain and of course cryptocurrency as a whole. I saw it for what it was, which is an opportunity to share some of the world's wealth without going through a middle person.”

Would you share some of your stories or experiences in the crypto space that would inspire women who're working hard in the industry today?

“What I have loved the most about the blockchain space is the general openness and accessibility of successful people. For a long time, it has been led by curiosity rather than ego. This is not to say there is not a "bros club" feel across the space because there is but not every man you meet is like this. This space is powered by community and if you can't find your community then you start one easily. I like this. Again, with that being said with all that you do, do with a spirit of collaboration and not competition because together we are stronger. After working consistently and diligently for over 2 years I am proud of what I have created with Women in Blockchain Talks, and what I will create with Crypto Kweens, even more so when Linkedin listed me as a leading voice in technology and innovation with people from the likes of Meta, IBM, Amazon and NASA.”

What are your career goals and how are you working to achieve them?

“My business goal rather than my career goal for WiBT is to hit our campaign goal of bringing in 50k women in Blockchain by 2023 and in doing so helping them to purchase their first-ever NFT via our "butterfly in the Metaverse" NFT project. We are also organising the first-ever Women in Blockchain Conference (retreat) in Cyprus in September 2023. We want women's voices to be seen and felt throughout the conference! It is going to be epic! And it will make a difference.

My other business goal is to launch the first-ever women-centric NFT marketplace, bringing more gender equity to the space.”

If you are to give some advice to young women who’re starting to build a career in the crypto space, what would you say?

“I would say " be bold, be brave" because by taking this step into this space you are choosing to lead from the front rather than chase from behind. Blockchain is a gamechanger and there are so many ways to get involved, so come in and add your value! Our voices are important! Point blank! period!”

Any trends or insights around the crypto development you would like to share?

“DAOs and a transparent governance of a community are definitely going to be a continuing conversation. With Coinbase and other crypto-orientated adverts via last night's US Superbowl, I see a wider mass adoption of crypto and more people coming into the blockchain space.”

Lastly, what advice would you give to a person that is just starting to learn about the world of digital assets?

“I would tell them to join Women in Blockchain Talks - it is a great community to learn, connect, network, and grow in a supportive, safe, and secure space -

To stay up to date with Lavinia’s work, you can do so by following her on Twitter.