Lowered Crypto Cashback Rates

Dann Ball
Dann BallJul 1, 2022
Lowered Crypto Cashback Rates

Hey Stormers,

We hope you’ve all had a chance to take advantage of our new referral program. If you haven’t as of yet, you can do so by heading to the referral section within your app or Chrome extension. In line with the release of the new referral program, you may have noticed a small 10% decrease across all our partner stores.

We wanted to address this, as to account for those referral payouts, our team has made the decision to lower all rates displayed by 10%. For example, before the decreased rate roll-out, eBay could be found with 1.6% Crypto Cashback attached to the offer, however, this now has been lowered to 1.44%.

We understand this may be a minimal change, however it may cause some disappointment. For this reason, we’d like to reiterate that our mission still stands - to offer users the most ways of earning with highest percentages possible.

Because of this, our team will be working closely with our affiliate partner merchants to discuss the potential of increasing the cashback rates across as many offers as possible. However, as of yet, we cannot yet promise that your favourite offer will receive that percentage boost.

However, StormX is as always proud to still offer the best Crypto Cashback percentages available anywhere online.