Press Release: StormX Sports Pick'em Pools

Dann Ball
Dann BallSep 8, 2023
Press Release: StormX Sports Pick'em Pools

StormX officially releases all-new free-to-play Pick'em Pools.

Miami, United States, September 18, 2023

StormX Sports' Pick'em Pools invites users to participate in weekly NFL prediction contests and win crypto rewards, bridging sports gaming and cryptocurrency.

Launching on Monday, 25th September 2023, Pick'em Pools modernizes traditional sports pools with a digital platform, integrating it into the existing StormX ecosystem alongside the popular Crypto Cashback app StormX Shop. Users compete in weekly contests by predicting the winner of each NFL game, standing a chance to win STMX tokens.

StormX Sports will soon proudly feature a variety of game modes, inviting sports fans to "Play Your Way".

Simon Yu, CEO of StormX, said:

"It feels incredible to witness the fusion of the NFL fandom and cryptocurrency through our new Pick’em Pools product. It’s a testament to how we at StormX are redefining crypto rewards by providing unique opportunities to earn crypto, embodying innovation and community. I’m ecstatic that we are at the forefront of the sports gaming niche!"

How Pick'em Pools work

Sports fans and crypto enthusiasts will come together in weekly public contests, choose who they think will win, and gain points for each successful winning team selection.

After each NFL game, the leaderboard is refreshed, displaying real-time points earned by a participant in a contest. STMX crypto rewards are paid out to the user with the most points accumulated over a weekly NFL free-to-play contest upon its completion.

Over 16 weeks, users can predict every NFL game and participate in a new sports gaming experience.

Users can expect an intuitive, user-friendly interface with little-to-no experience.

Free-to-Play Games Model

StormX has a long-established history of providing new and unique ways to earn crypto. To continue this tradition, the team has opted to release the free-to-play model first as it enables an entry point for even more users to participate, regardless of their crypto experience.

The free-to-play Pick'em Pools award payouts in STMX, enabling users to stake, upgrade StormX membership, and earn more Crypto Cashback through the StormX Shop.

However, future features will include peer-to-peer (P2P) sports gaming.

Free-to-play features:

  1. Free Participation: Sign up and select your teams as you "Play Your Way!"
  2. Weekly Contests: Compete each week throughout the NFL playoffs. That's 16 weeks of free sports gaming.
  3. Token Rewards: Your accurate predictions have the opportunity to earn StormX tokens, deposited directly to your chosen wallet.

Participate in the Pick'em Pools launch on September 25, 2023; the community can now join the BETA.

About StormX

StormX Sports combines blockchain technology, crypto rewards, and sports gaming in an easy-to-use web app experience. As a unique web3 markets platform, StormX Sports offers sports fans and crypto enthusiasts new opportunities to win crypto through free-to-play and peer-to-peer games. Users can predict outcomes by joining existing contests or creating their very own custom challenges. StormX Sports turns every game into a chance to win.

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