Invite friends and family and earn 10% from referrals!

Dann Ball
Dann BallJun 17, 2022
Invite friends and family and earn 10% from referrals!

Hey Stormers!

Wen update?

Over the past few months, the StormX team has been working hard to deliver a new and exciting opportunity for our users to earn even more rewards. Are you ready?

Enter the new and improved StormX Referrals - a program designed to deliver you even more awesome rewards. The new system will allow you, our users, to refer your friends and family and earn 10% of their base staking and shopping rewards (at no loss to the referee). Simple yet powerful, how we like it.

So, how do you get started?

Sign up or log in to your StormX account, share your unique referral link, and start earning 10% of your referees’ base staking and cashback rewards.

Yes, this means that each time one of your referees receives their weekly staking bonus, shops and earns, so do you!

How much will you earn?

There is no limit to how much Crypto Cashback you can earn, or how much you can earn from referrals.

So, let’s say you have successfully referred three people (person A, person B, person C). Since creating their account using your referral link, person A has shopped and earned $300 in Crypto Cashback, and person B earned $120; meanwhile, person C has started staking their STMX and earned $750 (per annum). Considering that you are eligible for the 10% of their base earnings (you were the one to refer them after all!), you’ll receive $117 from their efforts alone ( ($300 + $120 + $750) x 10%). That’s extra $$ in your pocket, for which you had to do nothing (apart from referring, of course)!

But…what about the old referral program?

The new and improved referral program will replace our old model, where you’d earn a fixed amount when your referee’s become a Rewards Member. We’ve worked hard on revamping the referral system so that you - our loyal community, can earn even more Crypto Cashback.

Worry not, though. You’ll still earn your rewards if you currently have pending referrals under the old system.

The new StormX Referrals program will launch on June 21st (2022), so round up your contacts, ask your mum for your grandparents' phone number, and get sharing! Who knows how much you’ll earn.