Shop, earn and withdraw your rewards in $DOGE!

Dann Ball
Dann BallSep 16, 2022
Shop, earn and withdraw your rewards in $DOGE!

Hey Stormers!

We have an exciting (and a very important announcement) to make…

Dogecoin is now live on StormX! So, what’s the deal? Well, you can now earn Crypto Cashback and withdraw your rewards in everyone’s favorite memecoin!

Since the beginning of our Crypto Cashback journey, StormX has always strived to deliver our users the best experience possible. This means, enabling you (the user) to withdraw your crypto earnings in your favorite coins. Because after all, who doesn’t love a diversified portfolio?

To date, we have enabled withdrawals in cryptocurrencies such as $BTC, $ETH, $LTC, $DAI, and of course, our own super token - $STMX. And today, we are proud to announce $DOGE as the newest addition to our withdrawal list!

Hold up… you said something about earning?

Thanks to your favorite Crypto Cashback provider, getting your hands on a couple (or more) of DOGE tokens has never been easier. Simply shop as you usually would at stores such as Nike, Hello Fresh, Walmart or Expedia and earn crypto rewards for your efforts.

  1. Download the StormX mobile app or browser extension.
  2. Shop at one (or more) of our 1,500+ partner stores.
  3. Earn your cashback for qualifying purchases and withdraw them in $DOGE!

But, why $DOGE?

At StormX, we do things a little differently. We realize that in order to create the best product possible, we must listen to you - our community and user base who interact with the mobile app and Chrome extension daily. For this reason, we have introduced something called 'governance’. With governance in place, our loyal members can vote on proposals put forward by the team, and ultimately dictate the future of their favorite Crypto Cashback app!

So, on August 5th 2022, tThe StormX governance community voted on adding DOGE as a new withdrawal token on August 5th 2022 using a Snapshot proposal. Cardano (ADA) was a close runner up! You voted, and so, we had to deliver.

With six cryptocurrencies on our withdrawal list, we have no plans to stop adding more anytime soon. So, if you’d like to see your favorite token added please create a topic on our governance forum at We’d love to hear from you!