STMX Token Swap

Dann Ball
Dann BallNov 11, 2022
STMX Token Swap

Hello StormX Community!

The date of the swap is here. In case you are not aware, we will be doing a token swap on the StormX smart contract on Wednesday Nov. 16th 2022.

The swap Dapp will eventually be hosted at

You can read more about the swap on our original blost post.

The swap will be for 1:1 STMX to STMX, and the new staking rate will be 10% so be sure to swap when you can. Your StormX Membership Levels will show correctly once you swap your tokens. The old staking rate will decrease to 0% on Sunday, November 20th, 2022.

As mentioned previously, we have no official closing date of the swap as we know many STMX token holders still have their balance in Voyager. In the future, we will place a governance vote on when to close the swap when the Voyager situation becomes more clear.

Certain exchanges will automatically swap the STMX token from the old contract to the new one. We will regularly update the community with which exchanges will do this process for you.

New STMX Token Contract: 0xa62cc35625b0c8dc1faea39d33625bb4c15bd71c

Swap Contract: 0x2C993b24978c49Ac284E9CDaB4AFa926fFe13860

New Staking Contract: 0x8650714D080905FC457C73e6Af8A492Be86A600c

For any questions, first please read our blog post, join our Discord,

or message us on Twitter @stormxio.