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Use Kucoin As Your Rewards Wallet

Alex Hidalgo
· 1 min read
Wallet Integration

The mobile app and browser extension have been updated to support using Kucoin as your connected rewards wallet! This means that any STMX balance you hold on Kucoin will now contribute to your membership token requirement.

In order to link your Kucoin balance, you will need to generate an API key, passphrase, and secret from within your exchange account. Don’t worry, it's pretty easy :) A support article detailing how to do this can be found here: How to Generate an API Key on Kucoin. You can also watch our short tutorial below.

This feature is one of many we are exploring to lower, and in some cases completely avoid, high gas fees on the Ethereum network. In that regard, we are exploring other ways to leverage this functionality by offering reward deposits directly to your exchange account, gas-free staking, and the ability to connect multiple membership wallets. Stay tuned for more information as we research and develop these features!

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