15 Unique Valentines Day Ideas for 2022

Dann Ball
Dann BallFeb 14, 2022
15 Unique Valentines Day Ideas for 2022

We all know that coming up with some unique Valentine's Day ideas can be stressful. It might even be cause for more anxiety than going on a perfect first date.

So whether you are newlyweds, have been together for decades, or experiencing your first Valentine's together we have compiled a list of 15 Valentine's Day Ideas that are guaranteed to make any Valentine feel extra special on February 14th, 2022.

For the Sweet Tooth:

Chocolate Tasting Experiences

Everyone loves chocolate. And they especially love the chance to try a bunch of different chocolates under the guise of a “romantic evening”. Set up a chocolate tasting experience with your significant other and use a few products from Ethel M Chocolates (8% Crypto Cashback) to create a unique and sugar-filled menu.

For the Romantic:

The simplest thing you can do is have a nice romantic dinner in. It’s safe, intimate, and gives you time to go at your own pace. Of course, you’ll want a bottle of wine to go with that, which is why we recommend you use Vivino (5.60% Crypto Cashback) to get that bottle of red that will make the night extra memorable.

For those who want to get away:

Spa Day Gifts

Spa getaways are fun, but they aren’t always practical. Especially with Valentine’s Day on a Monday. Have no fear - you can do a home spa treatment on each other (just make sure she goes first). The Body Shop (6% Crypto Cashback) has tons of great options for the couple who wants to pamper themselves at home.

For classy memories:

Wine Tasting Gifts

We’ve already mentioned wine, but instead of pairing it with a meal, you can just use it to create a wine-tasting experience. Whether you’re experts or beginners, Wine.com (5% Crypto Cashback) has a broad selection to choose from and make your own “sampler” from. This is a fun way to try new things, pretend to be sophisticated, and laugh when you realize you’re not all that sure what you’re talking about.

For the adventurous:


Depending on where you live, it may be nice enough out to go biking. Mike’s Bikes (5% Crypto Cashback) has everything you need to kick off an outdoor adventure. Just don’t forget to grab a helmet, too!


Everyone loves a good skiing trip! You can book a great time with Crystal Ski (1% Crypto Cashback) and get set up at a beautiful resort with just you and your beloved.

For Fun Nights In:

Cooking In

If you were thinking of having a dinner in, that can still be special. Places like Vital Choice (Up to 4% Crypto Cashback) allow you to order high-quality salmon and seafood that you can cook together. Find a new recipe and try it out. Then you’ll have something new you can make forever.


If we were in the 80s, going to an arcade would be a pretty standard date idea. Nowadays, it’s far less common. But even if you can’t find an arcade close by to go to, that shouldn’t stop you from getting some games from GameStop (Up to 5% Crypto Cashback) to play from home.

Local bookstore

This one’s for the bookish couples out there. You can always go to Books-a-Million (Up to 3% Crypto Cashback) and choose a few books for the last month of winter. In fact, some couples use this as a chance to start a 2-person book club together.

For the Laid Back:

Vintage shopping

Vintage shopping is a chance to laugh and try new things. Now you can bring this into your home with offerings like Vestiaire Collective (Up to 8% Crypto Cashback). Browse through all sorts of luxury clothes without worrying about whether you’re going to break the bank.

For the last minute:

Flowers for a date night

Maybe you want to do a movie night in, but feel like that’s not enough. We’d recommend Flora2000 to show her you care… right before you try and convince her to watch an action flick with you.

For the health-oriented:

Everyone always thinks of nighttime activities for Valentine’s Day, but you can also do something during the day. Like starting a healthy habit together or encouraging each other to hit that health goal they’ve been procrastinating on over the last few years. Athleta has some great outdoor wear you can give her to make sure she’s ready for whatever activity you have planned.

For the getaway:


It’s probably been a while since you got away on a trip. So why not book something in advance and tell your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Booking.com has tons of great deals on flights, hotels, and rentals. You’re guaranteed to find something in your range.

Surprise Hotel

Getaways are nice… but what about going to a nice hotel in your city? You can always book somewhere like Hotels.com (Up to 4% Crypto Cashback) for a sweet vacation in your area. All the benefits of luxury, none of the hassle of flying!

Valentine's day is a special time of year for many people, and it's the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care. We hope our Valentine's Day ideas help those who continue time and again to put off doing whatever needs to be done or have exhausted their own romantic date ideas.

These will surely help make the best valentines day gifts to be remembered.