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Kevin Ryoo wearing his Sup Son merch

Sup Son?

Recognize this little guy?

The ‘Sup Son?’ shrug is a globally used emoji, but do you know how it came about? Pro Startcraft 2 player Kevin Ryoo (aka SeleCT) shot it to fame as his victory trademark that was parodied across YouTube and became a fan favourite, being held up on signs at games.

"I always hope to get more attention for my victory pose. It became so well known within the gaming community and across the world. I love what NFTs stand for, and I'm a big fan of StormX's app. I'm so happy we're able to collaborate." - SeleCT

The Collection

500 limited edition Shrug NFTs divided into four tiers (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary), all with their own ability written by SeleCT himself. Each card packed with phrases he used in tournaments to taunt his opponents.

500 - 231
Highest price
0.04 ETH
230 - 097
Highest price
9.60 ETH
096 - 031
Highest price
50.64 ETH
030 - 001
Highest price
100 ETH

How the Pricing Works

The auction will be held utilising a bonding curve with reversed serial numbers.

So, what does this mean? It’s quite simple; The first NFT to be sold (serial number #500) will be the absolute cheapest (0.02 ETH). As each unit is sold, the following one steadily increases in price, culminating in the final legendary shrug (serial number #001) being the most expensive.

THE BONDING CURVESerial #500100 ETH0.02 ETH#001

The shrug auction Dapp was inspired by Simon de la Rouviere’s blog post on Curation Markets and the many Dapps that have come before us with a few differences. Most notably there is not a burn/redeem function, only a mint function. We believe this creates an interesting experiment into price discovery between primary and secondary markets.

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We can’t guarantee it’ll make you a gaming god, but why does that matter when you can shrug it off.

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Each purchase is limited to 99 per transaction.

You can purchase your $shrug NFT in STMX, ETH, or USDT

This is something we would love to explore, we’re big fans of eSports and are actively interested.