Makers get work done

Leverage Players to help you quickly generate campaign awareness, gather machine learning data, uncover business intelligence, and complete thousands of other tasks that are key to your business or research.

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Microtasks. Mega workforce.

Millions of users. Multiple apps. One huge opportunity to accomplish tasks, unlock business data, and boost brand recognition.

Put Players to work

With the Storm app, get Players to complete microtasks that are important to you or your company.

Power today’s Play

Quickly expand visibility of apps, products, and services by creating games on the Storm app.

Go global

With millions of Players in 187 countries, being a Storm Maker gives you instant access to a worldwide mobile workforce.

Fuel the new gig economy

Storm’s unique platform is backed by blockchain technology, a highly engaged community, and powerful apps.


A workforce of 1.6 million players that’s growing each day.


A trustless network powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts.


Empowering the underpaid, unemployed, and unbanked.


Crypto rewards drive quick completion of microtasks.

Mobile first

A mobile-first approach enables people to earn easily.


An active community from 96% of the world’s countries.

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