"Crypto" for the new gig economy

With over $32 million worth of Storm Tokens were sold during the 2017 Crowdsale, Storm Token is a premium cryptocurrency reward used to fuel the world’s only blockchain-supported microtask platform.

Read our founding whitepaper or join our Telegram  to learn about Storm Token.

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Secure wallet.
Safe places for your "crypto" rewards.

Use an ERC20-compatible wallet to manage your Storm Tokens. To get started, download Jaxx, the official wallet for Storm.

Frequently asked questions

For additional support, contact Storm on Zendesk.

What are the technologies behind Storm Token?

In November 2017, Storm introduced the Storm Token as an ERC-20 token that will facilitate transactions within an opt-in, secured, gamified marketplace, that will eventually be run by blockchain-based smart contracts.

What is the total supply of Storm Token?
10,000,000,000 Storm Tokens (fixed supply)
What was Tokensale Price of Storm Token?
1 STORM = 0.0000371 ETH
What is the token distribution?
  • Crowdsale: 41.74%
  • Company: 25%
  • 2 Year Blackout Period: 23.26%
  • Users: 10%
How can I store Storm Tokens?
You can store Storm Tokens in any ERC-20 compatible wallet. The Official Wallet Partner of Storm Tokens is Jaxx. If you need help setting up a wallet, please follow these instructions:


Where is the product roadmap?